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Name Stuart Dunn
Affiliation King's College London
Research area code (Y0) Combined
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2014
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My primary work is on various aspects of geographical data in archaeology and history, with a focus on how ‘spatial narratives’ are created and represented in different cultural contexts. I am especially interested in crowd-sourcing, and what kind of technical platforms are needed to support different types of crowd-sourcing activity and task (the recent dominance of this area by Zooniverse has both raised its profile and raised unanswered questions). I am currently working on an archaeological gazetteer of Cyprus funded by the A G Leventis Foundation, which will use a Django based framework to gather information from the scholarly and wider communities about geographical entities in the history, textual traditions and archaeology of Cyprus, and link them other relevant URI based gazetteers such as Pleaides. We are also hoping to engage with the Pelagios project in this regard. I also run a workpackage for FP7 project ‘Data Service Infrastructure for the Social Sciences Humanities’ (DASISH), developing a shared tools registry for European humanities and social sciences research infrastructures. I believe this will lead to a new standard for the documentation of such tools for scholarly research.

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