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Name Stephan Druskat
Affiliation Humboldt-Universit├Ąt zu Berlin
Department Department of German Studies and Linguistics
Group MelaTAMP Project
Research area code (Q1) Linguistics
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ORCID 0000-0003-4925-7248
GitHub sdruskat
Twitter stdruskat
  • Research software accessibility (e.g., via metadata repositories)
  • Research software metadata (focused on sustainability)
  • Research software citation (principles, implementation, interoperability)
  • Promotion of the RSE title
  • Software engineering (especially best practices)
  • Corpus linguistics & Natural Language Processing
  • (Human) language documentation
  • Multi-layer corpus annotation & visualization
Short Biography

My research focuses on

  • research software metadata models and their application and analysis in furthering software accessibility;
  • a format for combined provision of software metadata and citation metadata, which implements transitive credit.

I am part of the community of the German-speaking Research Software Engineers (deRSE), WSSSPE (I have acted as programme chair for WSSSPE5.1), and the Force11 Software Citation Implementation WG.

I currently work for the MelaTAMP project, which researches the tense, aspect, modality and polarity systems of seven Oceanic languages of Melanesia. I provide the project with the software needed to annotate, convert, visualize, and analyze corpus data.

I also regularly consult for other projects. Currently, I develop an extensible annotation platform for multi-layer corpora - which will initially be used for a reference corpus of New High German -, and an API and backend for a lexicon of Ge'ez.

I believe that the concept of the Software Sustainability Institute should be exported comprehensively, and I am interested in learning about strategies for lobbying and community building towards wide-spread recognition of the importance of research software sustainability, and the creation of similar institutions outside the UK. Recognition must come with a change in actual policy, mainly in the shape of software-related careers in research, and thus I hope to help with further internationalizing the RSE movement.

Within my wider focus on research software sustainability, I hope to contribute a humanities perspective, but also actual research and implementations, e.g., through working towards an operational definition of research software sustainability, and sustainability criteria development. I plan to continue work on the Citation File Format and its infrastructure, and further involve the community through workshops/hack events. And it is one of my goals to become a Software Carpentry instructor, so that I can help disseminate best practices for software development in linguistics and digital humanities research.

Previous events

Title Start date End date
Citation File Format Hack Day at RSE18 ( Blog post ) Wednesday, 05 September 2018 Wednesday, 05 September 2018

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