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Name Sarah Mount
Affiliation University of Wolverhampton
Research area code (I1) Computer science
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2015
Short Biography

My research work has fallen into a number of topic areas, with the broad theme of applying fundamental ideas in Computer Science to complex problems.

My PhD work involved creating a novel static analysis system which could check for violations of coding conventions in code written in more than one programming language.

While working as a Research Assistant I developed a simulator for applications of wireless sensor networks, which was used extensively by my research group. Developing this highly concurrent simulator led to an interest in communicating sequential processes and message-passing forms of concurrency and parallelism in general.

My most recent work has focussed on bringing principled concurrency to the so-called dynamic programming languages which are often seen as easy to use, but are not well suited to concurrent and parallel programming. I am currently working on an internally funded project which aims to discover whether dynamic languages can be used to provide a usable interface to programming low-power manycore platforms, such as the Adapteva Parallella or the GreenArrays GA144.

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