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Name Sarah Jaffa
Affiliation University College London
Research area code (I3) Software engineering
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2023
Institutional Website https://www.ucl.ac.uk/advanced-research-computing/people/sarah-jaffa
ORCID 0000-0002-6711-6345
GitHub SJaffa
Twitter DrSarahJaffa
LinkedIn sarah-jaffa

Lowering the learning curve for researcher-coders, through teaching and learning of coding for beginners, and improving coding practice to help onboarding new researchers into ongoing projects.

Short Biography

During my PhD and postdoc in computational astrophysics I encountered many examples of how bad coding can slow down or stall a research project and have negative effects on researchers career progression and mental health. I learned a lot on my own and tried to implement best practices, advocated for structural change in researchers attitude to code, and found the wonderful world of Research Software Engineering! I now enjoy working with passionate dedicated colleagues at all career stages and contributing to cutting edge research across many disciplines as an RSE at UCL.

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