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Name Sarah Gibson
Affiliation The Alan Turing Institute
Department Research Engineering
Research area code (I3) Software engineering
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2020
Institutional Website https://www.turing.ac.uk/people/researchers/sarah-gibson
Website https://sgibson91.github.io/
ORCID 0000-0003-0356-2765
GitHub sgibson91
GitLab sgibson91
Twitter drsarahlgibson
LinkedIn drsarahlgibson

Reproducible Research, Binder, BinderHub, Python, Community Building

Short Biography

Sarah is a Research Software Engineer at The Alan Turing Institute. She became fluent in Python during her PhD in Astrophysics. Once she transitioned to the RSE role at the Turing, she got involved in The Turing Way project and became passionate about reproducibility in research. As a result, she began working on deploying BinderHubs to Microsoft Azure. BinderHub is the technology that creates reproducible computational environments and shares them via the cloud. Sarah's contributions to Project Binder lead to her becoming a member of the operating team for mybinder.org.

As an open source developer, Sarah is passionate about building welcoming communities to encourage contribution, diversity, and transparency as she believes these qualities help foster collaborations that produce world-leading research. She is experienced in leading workshops helping researchers and RSEs alike use mybinder.org and deploy their own BinderHubs.

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Continuous Integration: Fail Fast and Fail First Thursday, 27 February 2020