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Name Sanjay Manohar
Affiliation University of Oxford
Research area code (B1) Anatomy, physiology & pathology
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2017
GitHub sgmanohar
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I am a cognitive neuroscientist and a clinical neurologist. However, I have been programming all my life, and creating software has featured at every stage in my career. I am passionate about bringing programming to all domains including my hobbies, clinical work and research. I program in diverse languages, having completed full research projects in C++, Pascal, Forth, Java, Python and Matlab.

My research bridges psychology, neuroscience and neurology. I use mathematical modeling and neuroimaging, which involves large time-series datasets. Although primarily an experimental scientist, my work also involves designing software tools for colleagues, aiming to provide a robust and futureproof environment for reproducible and open data analysis. I see myself also as an educator, advocating best coding practices.

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