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Name Ross Mounce
Affiliation Natural History Museum, London
Research area code (C0) Broadly-based programmes within biological sciences
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2016
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I'm actively exploring the use of content mining techniques as applied to my area of research, namely evolutionary and biodiversity informatics. My first project here at the Natural History Museum, London is to link-up all our specimens in the new Open Data Portal (http://data.nhm.ac.uk/) with their mentions in the published academic literature. I have been blogging about this research as I go (http://rossmounce.co.uk/category/content-mining/) and have given a talk about my preliminary results so far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzTzKFjkRcM

This work is extremely exciting because it is only possible due to recent changes in UK copyright law which allow non-commercial text & data mining to be legitimately done by researchers such as myself, without needing the express permission of all the copyright holders which has been a significant barrier to progress in the past. By doing this work I hope to encourage many others in the UK to adopt content mining techniques and software e.g. ContentMine tools http://contentmine.org/, and to help accelerate knowledge synthesis in areas of biology outside of the biomedical which have not traditionally used or encountered content mining techniques.

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