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Name Richard Abel
Affiliation Imperial College/Natural History Museum, London
Research area code (Y0) Combined
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2013
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My key research interest is the development if Micro-CT technology, methods and software. Micro-CT is a non-destructive radiographic imaging technique for creating “virtual” 3D models of an object on a computer. I then use a wide variety of computer software packages to visualise (e.g. VGStudio MAX, Drishti) and quantify (e.g. imageJ, BoneJ, Quant 3D) internal shape and structure. For example:

Characterisation of precious metals in rock cores 3D imaging of Egyptian Mummies Modelling fluid flow systems (e.g. Martian meteorites and shark Nostrils) Virtual forensic pathology Early diagnosis of age related bone diseases e.g. osteoporosis and osteoarthritis Mapping healthy development and aging of bone Discovering new dinosaur species Creating virtual collections of ancient stone tools from earliest human occupation of Britain (1 million years) The effect of pesticides on bee foraging behaviour

As part if this research I have obtained grant funding to develop my own software PhaseQuant. I have produced several publications using the software which measure the internal structure of objects e.g. rocks, meteorites, skeletons.

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