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Name Becca Wilson
Affiliation University of Liverpool
Department Population Health Sciences Institute
Group NIHR ARC North West
Research area code (B0) Broadly-based programmes within subjects allied to medicine
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2016
Website http://www.drbeccawilson.co.uk
ORCID 0000-0003-2294-593X
Google Scholar https://scholar.google.co.uk/citations?user=p2DIF8EAAAAJ&hl
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Twitter drbeccawilson
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I am a UKRI innovation fellow with HDR UK and sit in the NIHR ARC North West at University of Liverpool. My fellowship focuses on two related areas: I) the integration of existing text mining tools with DataSHIELD (www.datashield.ac.uk) with application to privacy preserving medical texts II) developing privacy preserving biomedical data visualisation methodologies utilising AR/VR.

Short Biography

In 2013 I discipline-hopped after a 5-year career in planetary science to informatics in biomedical and social sciences. I have an interest in developing web-tools and open source software for the analysis of longitudinal biobank/birth cohort data.

Prior to my fellowship I was the academic lead on the open source research software project DataSHIELD (www.datashield.ac.uk). DataSHIELD comprises a series of R packages for the remote analysis of sensitive individual level participant data within biobanks/cohort studies without the requirement to physically share the data itself. Ethical and legal concerns surrounding patient confidentiality limit the access and use of such data. DataSHIELD provides a solution enabling the analysis of remote datasets from different sources, as if they were pooled in one place, increasing statistical power, in a non-disclosive method. DataSHIELD increases the access and usability of datasets across the world, making them available beyond the scope of the originating research community.

Further to my research activities, I am involved in science communication, public engagement (see portfolio www.drrebeccawilson.co.uk) and CPD teaching. I am an active participant in the Research Data Alliance (https://rd-alliance.org, RDA) - a global collaboration facilitating data sharing and re-use. I hold interests across sensitive data sharing and am a member of the RDA International Access to Sensitive Social and Economic Microdata and the Health Data Interest Groups.

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