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Name Oliver Laslett
Affiliation University of Southampton
Research area code (F0) Broadly-based programmes within physical sciences
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2015
Short Biography

I am a PhD student at the Institute for Complex System Simulation, an interdisciplinary doctoral training centre focused around developing models for the physical, natural and social sciences. I am based within the Computation Engineering and Design group.

My research is investigating numerical models for stochastic magnetisation dynamics on the nano-scale level. The aim of the research is to apply full dynamical models and approximation models to nano-scale magnetic systems, in order to determine the validity of these approximations. One of the key motivators of the research is the consistently advancing computational power that is available; the cluster facilities at the university enable us to run large scale parallel simulations to determine the behaviour of these magnetic systems at longer timescales (and with higher resolution) than was possible five years ago. I am building a C / MPI library for these models that I hope will develop in to a general tool for parallel magnetic simulations.

My earlier research was in prognostics for aircraft engines, which modelled stochastic systems in a more data-oriented way; using sensor readings from the engines, I developed models to predict their future degradation and support efficient scheduling of maintenance for Rolls Royce.

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