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Name Natalie Stanford
Affiliation University of Manchester
Research area code (C0) Broadly-based programmes within biological sciences
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2015
Short Biography

My research is based in systems and synthetic biology, which involves the co-operation of inter-disciplinary scientists working towards full understanding of whole cells and systems. The inter-disciplinary nature means that interoperability of models, data, methods, and tools is vital for completion of successful studies.

I work on two aspects of the field: the first is the development and application of methods to improve computational design of microorganisms to (over)produce fuels and fine chemicals. The second is the community needs and engagement for presentation of scientific work in commons interfaces (www.seek4science.org), and also the development of semantic annotation tools that allow the community to generate data files with embedded semantic annotations for other tools to use (www.rightfield.org). We are currently moving these tools to a European, and Worldwide available open platform.

Working as both a method and tool developer for my community puts me in a unique position to understand the needs of the researchers, and relay this to the standards and tool developers, ensuring suitable solutions.

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