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Name Nadine Spychala
Affiliation University of Sussex
Research area code (C9) Others in Biological Sciences
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2023
Institutional Website https://www.sussex.ac.uk/research/centres/sussex-centre-for-consciousness-science/index
Website https://nadinespy.github.io/
ORCID 0000-0003-2582-9758
GitHub nadinespy
Twitter NadineSpychala
  • Metascience
  • Programming & Data science
  • Effective Altruism
  • Running, hiking, & climbing
  • Photography
Short Biography

I am currently a doctoral researcher in computational/theoretical neuroscience at the University of Sussex where I validate information-theoretic measures of complexity and emergence in both canonical models of complex dynamical systems and empirical data. My academic work so far has been strongly interdisciplinary, intersecting mathematics, machine learning, neuroscience, as well as philosophy.

I care about open & reproducible research (and, in this context, good research software) that is aligned with ethical research culture & incentives. An essential bulk of my own work consists of scientific coding/writing research software. I so far had come across many obstacles related to software many times, impairing my productivity tremendously. For my Fellowship project, ’d like to send a strong signal for SSI’s slogan “better software, better research” by providing software development workshops to research communities I’m involved in myself.

Besides software and science, I have also been teaching German to refugees and working as a psychologist for unaccompanied refugee minors. I like volunteering (and have done that most recently at an environmental sustainability organization in New York).

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Collaborative Research Software Engineering in Python Monday, 24 July 2023 Monday, 24 July 2023

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