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Name Michael Croucher
Affiliation The University of Manchester
Research area code (Y0) Combined
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2013
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I am part of a team at The University of Manchester that supports the computational research of several thousand academic staff and postgraduate students across the full range of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects. I specialise in optimising code written in languages such as MATLAB, Python and Mathematica, but have also undertaken projects in many other systems and languages such as R, Scilab,C, Fortran and even Visual Basic. Improvements in execution time of up to three orders of magnitude have been achieved although the typical speed-up of a MATLAB project is in the range of 2-5x.

I also provide advice and support for software licensing, application deployment and choice of development environments.

Additionally, I support many science and engineering applications, along with programming on high performance and high throughput computational systems (i.e. the open source Condor system). I teach introductory MATLAB training courses to University staff and postgraduates, arrange seminars on multiple topics and offer one-to-one programming advice for academic colleagues, including the advantages of open source alternatives to commercial packages when available.

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