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Name Laurent Gatto
Affiliation University of Cambridge
Research area code (Y0) Combined
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2014
GitHub lgatto
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I am a Senior Research Associate at the University of Cambridge working in computational biology, in particular proteomics, i.e. the high-throughput and systematic analysis of proteins (their identification, quantitation, modifications and localisation in cells). I am particularly interested in the development of sound computational methods to facilitate reproducible research and uncover meaningful patterns in complex biological data. As such, a lot of my work materialises in software and in particular in R software and data packages. Each new data set, algorithm, pipeline or computational experiment is implement into a well-documented and tested package (as opposed to loosely [de-]coupled scripts) or literate programming documents and managed through local or remote public or private git repositories (see https://github.com/lgatto/). An important aspect of the dissemination of my work is to promote high quality and open source scientific software in a community that often favours black-box approaches.

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Bioconductor conference – R-based and open-sourced Friday, 06 October 2017