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Photo of Isla Myers-Smith
Name Isla Myers-Smith
Affiliation University of Edinburgh
Department School of GeoSciences
Group Global Change Institute
Research area code (C1) Biology
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2019
Institutional Website https://teamshrub.com/
Website https://teamshrub.com/lab-blog
ORCID 0000-0002-8417-6112
Google Scholar https://scholar.google.co.uk/citations?user=ZYa44FMAAAAJ&hl=en
GitHub islams
Twitter @IslaHMS
Facebook teamshrub

Isla Myers-Smith is an ecologist who works with biome-scale datasets to quantify ecosystem responses to global change with a focus on Arctic greening patterns and processes.

Short Biography

Isla Myers-Smith investigates how global change alters plant communities and ecosystem processes. She works at focal research sites in Northern Canada and conduct data syntheses at tundra biome and global scales. She and her team have established and coordinate international research networks, including the ShrubHub, sTUNDRA working group, the Tundra Trait Team, and the newly founded High-latitude Drone Ecology network. For her Software Sustainability Institute fellowship she will be working to increase open science best practice at the interface between ecology and remote sensing.

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