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Name Elisa Loza-Reyes
Affiliation Rothamsted Research
Research area code (Y0) Combined
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2012
Short Biography

Scientific Statistician with two years experience As a statistician at Rothamsted Research, I am involved in the analysis and interpretation of molecular sequence data from both crop plants and pathogens that affect crops. Some of the questions that I am currently investigating include "what evolutionary relations hold between groups of fungal pathogens that affect wheat?"; "given their evolutionary relations, can we gain any understanding into the mechanisms of molecular evolution of these pathogens?"; "how can we best quantify the diversity of microbial communities in agricultural soils from high-throughput sequence data?".

My main research interests therefore include:

  • The statistical analysis of molecular sequence data
  • The development of software for the statistical analysis of molecular sequence data
  • The study of complex communities of microorganisms based on samples of DNA material: metagenomic analysis

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