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Name Derek Groen
Affiliation Centre for Computational Science, University College London
Research area code (Y0) Combined
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2014
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I am a post-doctoral research associate who helps to construct a computational environment that predicts the outcome of stenting cerebrovascular aneurysms. This environment relies on several high performance computational applications (such as the HemeLB lattice-Boltzmann simulation environment, and will be deployed in a clinical environment towards the end of the project. I already coupled HemeLB to a blood circulation solver, allowing more sophisticated inflow and outflow conditions for our cerebrovasculature simulations. In addition, I work on analyzing and optimizing the performance of HemeLB on large supercomputers. During my PhD in Computational Astrophysics I constructed N-body simulations to run on distributed infrastructures of supercomputers and special-purpose hardware. As part of this, I developed a library for efficient message passing on wide area networks (MPWide). This library has been reused for applications in other fields, and I am currently revising the library and the associated software paper for acceptance in the Journal of Open Software Research. I also build and run multiscale simulations of clay-polymer nanocomposite materials, which we now run in production on BlueJoule and HECToR. I also contributed to the MUSCLE 2 coupling toolkit, and am developing a toolkit to effectively manage HPC simulations of molecular systems (FabMD).

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