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Name Daniele Procida
Affiliation Divio Technologies AB
Research area code (Y0) Combined
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2021
GitHub https://github.com/evildmp/
Twitter evildmp
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/danieleprocida/

Open-source software communities, particularly in Python, and particularly in the African Python movement; software documentation, and how it can be improved; the development of low-cost/low-barrier education projects in programming and robotics.

Short Biography

Since 2014, I have led developer education and relations at Divio Technologies AB (until May 2021). I'm a core developer of the Django project, a previous Vice President of the Django Software Foundation, and involved in numerous open-source software communities internationally, including as an organiser of PyCon UK, DjangoCon Europe, PyCon Namibia and PyCon Africa.

I've developed an approach to software documentation, outlined at https://diataxis.fr/, that has become influential and is widely-adopted. The approach aims to make technical documentation better to use and easier to create and maintain.

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