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Name Cefn Hoile
Affiliation Highwire Doctoral Training Centre, Lancaster University
Research area code (Y0) Combined
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2013
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I am conceiving and testing strategies in the field designed to improve access to software and electronics as a gateway to STEM subjects for young people and underprivileged communities. The approach combines action research and participatory design workshops, with a centre of operations in the West End of Morecambe, UK.

I am currently collaborating with UK teachers to collate and disseminate materials supporting educators to build the #Shrimp; a minimal, Arduino-compatible microcontroller circuit for education, at a cost of £1.40 per pupil.

In Morecambe, this work is combined with a programme of community donations, recovering old laptops and installing a lightweight open source operating system. Machines are loaned to locals, and provide a platform for non-developers to engage with the Maker community to invent and prototype microcontroller-driven devices.

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