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Name Bethan Davies
Affiliation Royal Holloway, University of London
Research area code (F8) Physical geographical sciences
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2015
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I am a glacial geologist/glaciologist interested in the interaction between glaciers and climate over multiple timescales. I specialise in ice-sheet and glacier reconstruction in temperate and high latitudes. I use a combination of field studies, chronostratigraphical methods (e.g., cosmogenic nuclide dating), remotely sensed data sets and numerical glacier modelling to quantify ice-sheet and ice-shelf history and unravel glacier-climate sensitivities.

I am particularly interested in glacial processes at the ice-bed interface, and have used detailed sedimentological analysis and micromorphology to analyse processes of entrainment, deposition and deformation. My current research interests are orientated towards the Antarctic Peninsula, the Patagonian Ice Sheet and the last British-Irish Ice Sheet. As a glaciologist with both field and numerical modelling expertise, I am ideally placed to answer critical questions regarding the interaction between glaciers and their changing environment over a range of timescales.

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