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Name Aoife Hughes
Affiliation The Alan Turing Institute
Research area code (I3) Software engineering
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2023
Institutional Website https://www.turing.ac.uk/people/researchers/aoife-hughes
Website https://aoifehughes.github.io/
ORCID 0000-0002-4572-5828
GitHub AoifeHughes

Open source software, Data science, Machine Learning, Statistics, Education, Equality Diversity and Inclusivity, Pokemon, Plant sciences, Computer Vision.

Short Biography

Aoife (ee-fa) is a Research Data Scientist in the Research Engineering group (REG) at the Alan Turing Institute. She considers herself to be a generalist and enjoys working on a wide range of software engineering and data science projects. Aside from her technical work, Aoife has a passion for increasing equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) in science. Outside of her role at Turing she works as an editor for the Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS), as a tutor through educational charities, and when she can, she performs at scientific outreach events such as Pint of Science, British Science week etc.

Before joining REG she did her PhD in Computational Biology, at the John Innes Centre. As a result, Aoife will always find an opportunity to talk about her love for wheat. Prior to this she studied for her undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Aberystwyth University.

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