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Name Alexandra Simperler
Affiliation NSCCS/Imperial College
Research area code (Y0) Combined
Fellowship Inauguration Year 2014
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I am working for the NSCCS (EPSRC National Service for Computational Chemistry Software www.nsccs.ac.uk) and teach a variety of computational chemistry software packages (Gaussian 09, ADF, MOLPRO, CASTEP, MacroModel and Jaguar) to groups, individuals and virtual classrooms. I teach the groups in the typical university environment of seminar room and computer lab. I teach individuals face to face or on-line by adopting the role of a facilitator or consultant. In virtual classrooms I webcast powerpoint presentations live via internet meeting platforms and the participants have to accomplish hands-on exercises in their own time after the session. I am available for support in person, by phone or email. I also consult on how computational chemistry can enhance the experimental work of scientists.

Previously I worked for Accelrys, providing training for 2 scripting languages (Materials Studio scripting and Pilot Script), all Materials Studio Modules and 5 Pipeline Pilot courses to customers worldwide.

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